Investing in Private Second Mortgages
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Investing in Second Mortgages

Investing in Private Second Mortgages






Investing in 2nd Mortgages

BC Mortgage Investment

  • Are often self-employed with insufficient proof of income.

  • Have first mortgages from financial institutions and need to withdraw equity or need funds in addition to their first mortgage

  • Often are able to qualify for Alt-A first mortgage financing but find it beneficial to do a first and second combination rather than pay the high premiums associated with many ALT-A first mortgage products.

  • Also include those self-employed individuals who do not qualify for the ALT-A products.

  • Have credit repayment records that are reasonably clean and well-established. We are NOT beacon score driven and have done deals occasionally for non-Canadian residents or new immigrants with limited credit histories.

  • May have bruised credit resulting from problems that are isolated and explainable.


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