Investing in Private Second Mortgages
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Investing in Private Mortgages
Investing in Second Mortgages

Investing in Private Second Mortgages

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Investing in 2nd Mortgages

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Investing in Private Mortgages

Consumers Choice Mortgages Inc. has been specializing in private mortgage lending in BC for several years and has successfully brokered millions of dollars of private mortgage funds for our private investors.  The majority of our business is referred to us by other licensed mortgage brokers in BC.

Investing in individual private mortgages does involve some time and effort on the part of the investor.  Previous experience in investing in private mortgages is definitely an asset but not essential.  We work closely with our private investors to ensure that, as much as is possible, investors’ funds are secure and provide a fair rate of return.

Based on our extensive experience in the BC private mortgage industry and the type of mortgages that will be suitable as private mortgage investments, our investors receive a rate of return of approximately 7.99% - 8.99% per annum for good quality second mortgages and 5.99% and up for first mortgages.

Individual “arms-length” mortgages can be held within a self-directed RRSP account where the income is tax-sheltered.  We can provide a list of financial institutions who offer plans that allow private mortgages as eligible investments. 

Investors are responsible for:

  • Evaluating a detailed information package for each potential mortgage investment in order to make an informed credit decision about the prospective investment.
  • Adhering strictly to Consumers Choice Mortgages Inc confidentiality policies.
  • Ensuring that sufficient funds are available to fund deals that have been committed.
  • Administering their own mortgage investments once placed including depositing post-dated payment cheques, and interacting with borrowers regarding issues that may arise.   The borrower is provided with your name and phone number (as required by provincial regulation).
  • Being available to sign discharge documents when the mortgage is being repaid, occasionally on short notice.

Disclaimer: This discussion is intended to be a brief summary only and is not a detailed description of what is involved in individual mortgage investing.  Contact us to find out more about investing in private mortgages and whether it is right for you.  Ask for our “Guide to Private Mortgage Investing” for additional information.

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