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Consumers Choice Mortgages Inc. is owned by Karl and Kurt Madsen and is based upon the principles of integrity and professional service.

Private Mortgage Services

Today, Karl and Kurt specialize primarily in private residential first and second mortgage lending in BC and focusing mostly in the Metro Vancouver and Lower Mainland areas of BC.  Our goal is to provide private mortgage funds in a manner that is fair to all parties. 

Our typical borrowers include:
  • self-employed individuals who cannot show sufficient proof of income for their bank’s qualification rules
  • may qualify for insured bank financing but wish to avoid high mortgage insurance premiums
  • borrowers who need to withdraw equity to consolidate debts or for some other purpose
  • borrowers who are purchasing but need additional funds to top up a shortfall in down payment monies
  • individuals with decent and well-established credit repayment histories or who have bruised credit resulting from problems that are isolated and explainable.

Contact either Karl or Kurt to discuss your borrowing needs.  Rates and fees will apply and are unique to each situation.


Unit 202, 15388 – 24th Avenue | Surrey, BC V4A 2J2

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