Investing in Private Second Mortgages
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Investing in Second Mortgages

Investing in Private Second Mortgages


Darryl Swallow










Cathy Swallow

Investing in 2nd Mortgages BC Mortgage Investment

Darryl Swallow

Darryl has been a licensed broker since 2001 specializing in partnering with other mortgage brokers to put together mortgages funded by private lenders:

  • Darryl is the President of Consumers Choice Mortgages Inc.
  • Prior to becoming a licensed broker, Darryl's career involved twenty-five (25) years in health-care and health-care management including Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT), MLT Student education and Materials Management
  • His qualifications include Bachelor of Laboratory Technology (BLT) degree, Registered Technologist (RT), Advanced Registered Technologist (ART), and Certified Professional Public Buyer (CPPB) post-graduate certifications
  • Darryl specializes in private mortgage lending and working with private mortgage investors
  • Darryl has shown support to the mortgage industry by volunteering as a contributor to the BC Mortgage Broker and CMP Canadian Mortgage Professional magazines and as a presenter at the annual conference of the Mortgage Brokers Association of BC. 
  • He is currently a member of the Mortgage Brokers Association of British Columbia (MBABC).

Contact Darryl Swallow:
P 604-710-5814
F 604-541-7320

Cathy Swallow

Cathy started in the banking field in 1972, and in mortgage lending in 1980. She has been a Mortgage Manager / Underwriter for 5 major financial institutions, and has many years experience as a mortgage broker. 

  • Her current role is Marketing Manager and Office Manager for Consumers Choice Mortgages Inc.
  • She has twice served on the Board of Directors for the MBABC and acted as their key resource person regarding issues surrounding the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act.
  • Cathy is a member of the Mortgage Brokers Association of BC

Contact Cathy Swallow:
P 604-506-6957
F 604-541-7320

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