Investing in Private Second Mortgages
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Investing in Private Mortgages
Investing in Second Mortgages

Investing in Private Second Mortgages


Investing in 2nd Mortgages

BC Mortgage Investment

Welcome to Consumers Choice Mortgages Inc. We specialize in providing private mortgage financing to residential property owners in major centers in British Columbia (BC), Canada.

We work with mortgage investors providing quality mortgage investment opportunities in BC secured by first mortgage or second mortgage charges on residential real estate. Our offices are located in sunny South Surrey, BC. Most mortgages we fund are on properties in the Metro Vancouver area, Fraser Valley, Vancouver Island, Sunshine Coast, and major centres in the Okanagan area.

We also work directly with borrowers who are not able to meet bank or financial institution lending requirements, who have equity in residential real estate, and a history of paying their financial obligations satisfactorily. We may consider borrowers with some impaired credit history providing a satisfactory explanation is provided.

If you are looking to borrow or lend private mortgage funds, feel free to browse through the site. You may also contact us any time with your questions, or to request a meeting to discuss these opportunities further.

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Unit 202, 15388 – 24th Avenue | Surrey, BC V4A 2J2

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